2016 Update to CEB’s Office Leasing: Drafting and Negotiating the Lease Now Available


In December, the Continuing Education of the Bar · California, a program of the University of California co-sponsored by the California State Bar, released its 2016 Update to its publication Office Leasing: Drafting and Negotiating the Lease.


The book covers every aspect of negotiating and putting together an office lease including:

  1. Negotiating the lease and contract formation

  2. Dealing with defaults

  3. Bankruptcy and security deposits, letters of credit

  4. Green leasing issues and standards

  5. Negotiating tenant rights and restrictions

  6. Landlord concessions

  7. Premises and common area issues

  8. Utilities and services, repairs and maintenance

  9. New construction, additions, alterations

Wendel Rosen attorneys C. Gregg Ankenman, Greggory Brandt, Stephen Brindle, Katie Ferrier, Leonard Marquez, Garret Murai, Daniel Myers and Neal Parish, of the firm’s Real Estate, Construction and Land Use practice groups, served as update authors.

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