CEB’s Mechanics Liens and Related Remedies – 2014 Update

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I’ve been writing for the CEB – the Continuing Education of the Bar – which publishes legal practice guides for lawyers for some time now.

But I don’t think I’ve been quite as excited to write for the CEB than writing for its publication, California Mechanics Liens and Related Construction Remedies, for the first time this year. Particularly, since it’s one of the first publications I used as a young lawyer to learn about construction law, and still use today.

The 2014 update to the publication, which the CEB calls the authoritative guide to statutory remedies for unpaid work on public or private works, was released this past month.

If you haven’t picked it up, take a read, it’s good. It may not be Hemmingway. But, then again, Hemmingway never helped you get paid either.

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