CSLB Releases New Forms and Announces New Fees!


The California Contractors State License Board (CSLB”) has issued new application forms. Effective May 1, 2017, the CSLB will only accept forms with a revision date of October 2017 (Pro tip: see bottom of form to verify it indicates a revision date of “10/16” or later). The new forms, which are now available online, include the following new forms:

  1. Application for Original Contractor License (Form 13A-1)

  2. Certification of Work Experience (Form 13A-11)

  3. Owner-Builder B-General Building Construction Project Experience (Form 13A-64a)

  4. Section 4 – Personnel Full Legal Names and Addresses (Form 13A-1d)

  5. Application for Original Contractor License – Examination Waiver (Form 13A-1a)

  6. Request for License Number Reissuance (Form 13A-1h)

  7. Application for Replacing the Qualifying Individual (Form 13A-2a)

  8. Application for Additional Classification (Form 13A-2)

  9. Application for Joint Venture Contractor License (Form 13A-3)

  10. Application for Asbestos Certification (Form 13A-25)

  11. Application for Hazardous Substance Removal and Remedial Actions Certification (Form 13A-26)

  12. Application for Registration as a Home Improvement Salesperson (Form 13H-11)

  13. Application to Inactivate Contractor’s License (13A-5)

  14. Application to Add New Personnel to an Existing Corporate or Limited Liability Company License (13A-7)

  15. Application to Report Change of Title for Current Officer or Personnel of Existing Corporate or Limited Liability Company License (13A-7a)

  16. Application to Add a New Limited Partner to an Existing Partnership License (13A-62)

  17. Application to Change Contractor Business Name or Address (13L-4)$330

  18. Application to Change Home Improvement Salesperson Address (13H-8)

In addition, effective July 1, 2017, CSLB’s application fees will increase. The last time fees were increased was in 2011. The new fees are as follows (click to enlarge):

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