Governor Signs Permit Extension Bill Extending Permit Deadlines to One Year

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It’s like that feeling you got when your teacher said you have another week to complete your group project.

On September 21, 2018, Governor Brown signed AB 2913, which, for the first time, provides a uniform 12-month period across the state for work to commence before a building permit expires. Previously, the period was six months.

In addition to doubling the expiration period, the statute includes a “justifiable cause” provision permitting local building departments to extend the time for one or more additional periods of not more than 180 days per extension upon written demonstration of “justifiable cause for the extension.”

The law was enacted to provide relief to developers and owners who, largely due to today’s tight construction labor market and over-stretched contractors, are having to revise their plans to address building code revisions made after permits are issued.

The bill only applies to permits issued after September 21, 2018.

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