JD Supra’s 2017 Reader’s Choice Awards

JD Supra, one of the world’s leading content distribution companies for the legal industry, announced its Readers’ Choice Awards for 2017 earlier this week. We were honored to be among a group of 200 authors selected from over 40,000 who published legal news, commentary and analysis on legal issues of importance to the clients we serve.

This is the second consecutive year we’ve been honored with a Reader’s Choice Award for our legal writing focused on the Construction Industry and, just as we were this past year, we’re humbled and grateful to the readers who found value in our work. In fact, we’re half expecting a call from Warren Beatty informing us that there’s been a mistake and that the honor actually goes to Moonlight.

Congratulations to all of the other JD Supra Readers’ Choice Award recipients, whose hard work, make us better authors.

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