The Trustworthiness of Beards

Our firm recently welcomed two new partners to its construction practice group, Roger Hughes and Eric Phillips. Roger, who is on the right, and Eric, who is on the left, bring over 50 years of construction law experience to Wendel, Rosen’s construction practice and have worked on large-scale private and public projects including hospitals, airports, bridges, highways, and power plants.

But . . . what shouldn’t be overlooked, is that in addition to being fine attorneys, both Roger and Eric, like yours truly (if I might humbly add), sport facial hair, a trait often underappreciated but which shouldn’t be overlooked in a lawyer:

Both Roger and Eric trend toward the “Very Trustworthy” side. I’ve tried to raise my trustworthiness barometer by growing a full beard a la Judge Lance Ito of O.J. Simpson fame, but when I did, I quickly found myself nosediving toward “Dangerous” with a patchy (a.k.a. Sidney Crosby) beard. And if you don’t believe there is a correlation between facial hair and trustworthiness, just ask my Harry Potter-loving daughter:

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