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Buy Clean California Act Takes Effect on July 1, 2022

The Buy Clean California Act (BCCA) - Public Contract Code section 3500 et seq. - requires state agencies to consider the carbon content of the following products when awarding contracts:

  • Structural steel;

  • Concrete reinforcing steel;

  • Flat glass; and

  • Mineral wool board insulation.

It is anticipated that additional products may be added through future legislation.

Environmental Product Declaration

Effective July 1, 2022. successful bidders on the following state project will be required to submit an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) identifying the product's environmental impact over its life cycle:

  • Department of Transportation;

  • Department of Water Resources;

  • Department of Parks and Recreation;

  • Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation;

  • Military Department;

  • Department of General Services;

  • Regents of the University of California;

  • Trustees of the California State University; and

  • State agencies granted authority work on public works projects under Management Memo 18-01.

For products to be eligible, product manufacturers must conduct a product life cycle assessment and utilize a "program operator" to verify and publish the EPD. Manufacturers can utilize program operators through the Program Operator Program although they are not required to.

Awarding agencies are responsible for implementation of the EPD requirement and requirements may vary between the agencies. More information on the BCCA can be found at the Department of General Services BCCA page.

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