Who we are

Specialists. Not Generalists


You have specific legal issues. Not general ones. That's why you need a specialist. We have worked with clients in nearly every aspect of design and construction, from design professionals, to owners, to contractors. Our attorneys have experience on a wide range of public and private projects, from commercial developments, to state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, to transportation projects. And we have assisted clients with virtually every legal issue which could arise on a project, from that first drawing on the proverbial napkin to that last item on the punchlist.


Garret D. Murai


Kathy N. Murai


Jennifer P. Tang

Our difference: Our approach


Clients are picky about their attorneys, as they should be. We are selective about our cases. While most law firms discuss the merits of a case with their clients, few discuss probable outcomes, and even fewer discuss the likely cost of reaching that outcome. We approach our matters from the point of view of our clients, where it's not just about winning, but also the cost of winning.

Technology driven

We believe in the power of technology to even the playing field or, as the case may be, tilt the playing field in our client's favor. Clients see our technology-driven approach in our front-end systems when it comes to engagement, communications and billing. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. We leverage technology behind the scenes when reviewing and analyzing documents, when managing cases and during trial.

Communications focused

Outcomes. Strategies. Approach. Each is important. But so too is communications. We believe that client communications is important. Not only so that our clients know and understand what is happening in their matters, but so that they can make informed decisions that can effect the outcome. In short, while results matter, we believe, so too does the experience.