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Garret Murai Discusses the Mechanics of Mechanics Liens on Thompson Reuters

Thompson Reuters, which many of us lawyers know through their legal research platform Westlaw, has released a video presentation I gave on the mechanics of mechanics liens as part of its Practical Law series. In the presentation (which may not be quite as fun as my photo suggests) I discuss:

  • What a mechanics lien is;

  • Jurisdictional considerations when recording a mechanics lien;

  • An overview of steps required to record a mechanics lien;

  • Notice requirements when recording a mechanics lien;

  • Preparing and recording a mechanics lien;

  • Filing a lawsuit to foreclose on a mechanics lien; and

  • Post judgment requirements after foreclosing on a mechanics lien.

If you're interested in the presentation, it's currently available to view for free, but will go behind a paywall in a few days. For those of you who may not be familiar with Practical Law, and who have a subscription, I encourage you to take a look at their resources which are constantly growing. Practical Law, as its name suggests, includes resources including summaries, forms, and videos on various legal topics including those related to our area of focus, construction law!

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